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SoundCloud is a platform that puts your sound at the heart of communities, websites and even apps. Watch conversations, connections and social experiences happen, with your sound as the spark. SoundCloud makes it easy to share and promote your sounds to anyone, anywhere by connecting your account with Twitter, Facebook & other neat services.

HiDownload Platinum is a all-in-one stream downloader which easy to rip/download mp3 music files from soundcloud.

Step by Step: How to download mp3 music from soundcloud

1.Download latest version HiDownload Platinum and install it.

2.Run HiDownload Platinum.

3.Open, search the music keyword, such as: "jackson", the Search result is shown:

4.Copy the music's link:, add it to HiDownload Platinum and download.

5.As soon as HiDownload Platinum download finished, it will check the downloaded file, and find the music mp3 links, then continue to download the mp3's link.

6.HiDownload Platinum only download the first file, so you need to double click the other mp3 links, and download them.

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Q:How to rip/download more mp3 files from other music websites(,,, ...)

A:Use the build-in sniffer of HiDownload Platinum to find the mp3 download links, then download them.

Q:Can HiDownload download soundcloud mp3 in Apple Mac?

A:No, HiDownload is windows version.




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